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Matrix360e believes that education begins with the awakening of more than the four basic senses. These basic senses are the foundation for the education of the higher senses of knowledge, insight, understanding, intuition, and wisdom. These senses will be expressed as Creativity!

Matrix360e believes (in) awakening these higher senses: (To immerse)

• To each person,

• At the earliest possible age,

• To see beyond the limits of your geographic horizon.

we hope you share our

Mission & Vision

Matrix360e is excited to work with any School Group and believes that this relationship can be more than mutually beneficial, but also mind-expanding as we implement robust technology for an immersive, educational, and entertaining travel experience. Edu-fun!

Given the circumstances of the pandemic, Matrix360e believes that it will be very difficult to do a massive event in person. We share the importance of your activity and its social impact, therefore we want to help by offering virtual tours.


Come, immerse yourself in our educational experience!

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